List of constitution cultural assets

  1. Tango Chirimen Road (Yosano Town Kaya Important Preservation Districts of Historic Buildings)
  2. Tango Chirimen History Museum
  3. Tango Buddha
  4. The Union Central Processing Plant for the Tango textile industry
  5. Shidori-jinja Shrine
  6. Kasamatsu Park
  7. Ouchi Toge Ichijikan Park
  8. Joryuji Temple
  9. Nariaiji Temple
  10. Previously known as Mikami residence
  11. Kaya Station House of the former Kaya Railway
  12. Former residence of the Bito family
  13. Chionji Temple
  14. The Seikiro Inn
  15. *meiishinsha
  16. Zenjoji Temple
  17. Monument in memory of the ancient Ashiginu, the origin of silk fabrics
  18. Charoku Honkan Inn
  19. Ashimai textile industry
  20. Kotohira Shrine
  21. Kichijoji Temple
  22. Jitsusoji Temple
  23. Old Kaya Railway 2 locomotive (123 locomotive)
  24. Hoganji Temple
  25. Lower village house house (old post office)
  26. Lower village house house (Kadoya)
  27. The Sugimotos house (jo*cho)
  28. The Sugimotos house (shita*cho)
  29. Nishiyama factory (Row of weaving houses in Nishiyama)
  30. Former Residence of the Imabayashi Family
  31. Amanohashidate
  32. Folk song Miyazu-bushi
  33. The Miyazu Dance
  34. Townscape of Chirimen Road which is lined with the houses of Tango chirimen weavers
  35. Cityscape of Amino, Row of weaver’s houses in Yasaka
  36. Townhouses in Shinhama, an old red-light district
  37. Wisdom mochi: rice cakes wrapped in sweet red been jam
  38. Migochi Hikiyama Event.
  39. Ushirono Yatai Gyoji (a festival for a local deity where portable shrines go around the area)
  40. Orimono Shiso-sai (festival for the founders of textile fabrics) Konjiki Sanshi Shinsai (a festival to pay respect to silkworms, silk threads and silk fabrics)
  41. Tango Chirimen kouta (a Japanese ballad for Chirimen backed by a three-stringed Japanese guitar)
  42. Tango Chirimen Festival
  43. Yatai Gyoji in Kaya and Sanjo (local festivals where portable shrines go around the area)
  44. Amino Shinto shrine, *orishinsha
  45. Former Kaya Town Hall
  46. Tango Chirimen
  47. Hatcho yarn twisting machine
  48. Tango textile weaving equipment and products
  49. “Hashidate”; a book of fabric samples
  50. Tango Chirimen Iwaya dance
  51. Tango barazushi
  52. Yoshimura house rate of taxation-so
  53. The Yoshimuras house