Kyoto DMO corporation summary of the sea
Name ichihanshadanhojinkyotofukitabujiikirenkeitoshikenshin
Popular name Kyoto DMO of the sea
(Kyoto by the Sea Destination Management / Marketing Organization)
Representative Datong life
The location 〒629-2501
226, Omiyachokuchiono, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
Kyotango City government office Omiya Government building
TEL 0772-68-5055
Fax 0772-68-5056
Establishment June 29, 2016
Travel agency registration Governor of Kyoto 2-679
Member group Association of one) All Nippon Travel agents Association one) Kyoto travel agency
Purpose Kyoto area of the sea (in Fukuchiyama-shi, Maizuru-shi, Ayabe-shi, Miyazu-shi, Kyotango City, The Town of Ine and The Town of Yosano area We plan cooperation of) to point to and reinforcement of network and are intended that we contribute to promotion of the whole North Kyoto area by realization of promotion of sightseeing community improvement, expansion, domiciliation promotion of interchange population and approach of North Kyoto regional alliances urban area.
Main business
  1. Strategic development such as plan to contribute to sightseeing community improvement, investigation analysis, study and plan
  2. Conduct of cooperation with area to be necessary for approach to contribute to sightseeing community improvement and advice
  3. Travel agency based on Travel Agent Act
  4. Environmental maintenance such as excavation, upbringing of human resources necessary for sightseeing community improvement and sightseeing-related industry worker Approach about improvement of equal no nature
  5. Excavation of local resources and development and development of landing type, experience-based model trip product and sales promotion
  6. Information sharing such as sightseeing information, information dispatch to affect sightseeing and invitation, guidance, instructions such as tourists
  7. Improvement of construction, convenience of the acceptance systems such as tourists
  8. Alcoholic beverage dealership (including alcoholic beverage dealership by mail order) based on Liquor Tax Act
  9. Development, introduction advertising, sale and various rental of special product, industrial art object, artefact business
  10. As for the conduct of evaluation of customer satisfaction, service, it is conduct of service management and local evaluation
  11. Plans of maintenance of public transport network and wide area traffic network improvement, maintenance
  12. Promotion such as conduct such as sightseeing-related line special events and support business
  13. Management administration of facilities such as tourist information center or other sightseeing connection and public facility based on designated manager system
  14. Trust of business such as sightseeing connection that local public entity performs
  15. Cooperation, cooperation with member phase each other, related organizations, group
  16. For others, local promotion of North Kyoto regional alliances urban area including sightseeing community improvement Business necessary for business to relate to to achieve purpose of our corporation
President (representative director)
Datong life (Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. Special Counsel)
Vice-president (duties execution director)
jofukukenyo (Deputy-Governor of Kyoto)
Board member synthesis plan chief of the bureau
Shinji Imai
Board member Yosano area general manager
Hideyuki Imai (The Town of Yosano Tourism Association's chairperson)
Board member Ine area general manager
mukiigi* (The Town of Ine Tourism Association's chairperson)
Board member Amanohashidate Sandbar area general manager
Nobuhiko Ogura (Amanohashidate Sandbar Tourism Association's chairperson)
Board member Kyotango area general manager
Koji Nagahama (Kyotango City Tourism Association's chairperson)
Board member Ayabe area general manager
Masaaki Hirano (Ayabe-shi tourist association's chairperson)
Board member Maizuru area general manager
Tomoyuki Saito (Maizuru tourist association's chairperson)
Board member Fukuchiyama area general manager
Keita Fukushima (Fukuchiyama tourist association's chairperson)
Kenji Fujiwara (Director Managing Director Kyoto northern city credit association)