Visit to ... kimono dressing experience, "Tango Chirimen" textile studio, white dough design experience ...


The sea opens in front, and many surprise to be able to taste only in this ground hides in Kyotango where mountain approaches. Do you not experience living of Kyotango?

①<dressing and Japanese culture experience of kimono>
The Tango district is known as high-quality textile and is straight production center of "Tango Chirimen" which becomes cloth for kimono. Please experience Japanese culture including Japanese green tea and Japanese confectionery in kimono in hometown of kimono.

②<visit to "Tango Chirimen" textile studio>
We explain the process of manufacture in front of real weaving machine carefully how irregularities 〝 Shibo 〟 of "Tango Chirimen" producing unique feel of a material is made.

③<white dough design experience>
We can leave picture that own design and grandfather, grandmother, father, mother had child and grandchild describe as design of white dough. (craftsman weaves experience, dough only for design)

In one that had you stay at other accommodations, we offer experience menus (pay) that there is many such as kimono dressing experience, town walk, the making of crepe accessory.

Experience-based rate

①5,000 yen ...
②500 yen ...
③One 35,000 yen ... (as for the sewing separately)

The time required of experience

From one hour to two hours degree

Holding place

The Kyotango city


566, Tangochotaiza, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto

The number of people

1-10 people


566, Tangochotaiza, Kyotango-shi, Kyoto
Let give birth; accommodation and to indoor
TEL: 0772-75-2639