[Kyoto, folkcraft experience] 100% of silk! The making of misanga of braid


By the traditional manufacturing method, let's edit misanga
We can experience braid which became famous for movie. It is misanga of 100% of silk to make. Each silk thread is combined and is finished in colorful design. As color is available from four kinds, in design full of originality!

It is experience only in production center of Tango Chirimen. It is recommended to person who wants to make souvenir of trip and original souvenir!

-- - - - - - - - -
①Visit, reception desk (approximately five minutes)
You come by time for reservation, and please finish acceptance.
②Selection of silk thread (approximately five minutes)
③Explanation (approximately five minutes) of weaver
④Weave (approximately 20 minutes)
⑤Dissolution (approximately five minutes)
※The flow mentioned above is indication.
Please note that flow may be changed by the situation on the day.

Experience-based rate

600 yen (tax-included) ...

It is included in experience-based rate
Experience charges, material cost, consumption tax

The time required of experience

Approximately 30 minutes ...

Holding place

The Town of Yosano Tourism Association
(road station silk wait in mosquito net: The Town of Yosano character waterfall 98)

The number of people

1-20 people


Target age 4 years old - 80 years old

Cancellation policy

When reservation is canceled, please contact immediately.
When we are canceled by convenience of customer, we charge the following cancellation fee.

The day before: 50% of reservation rates
The day, cancellation without permission: 100% of reservation rates

Please contact schedule and number of people change immediately.
You want and, by time and status, may not attach.
Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


The Kyoto DMO Yosano area headquarters of the sea

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