Tango Chirimen History Museum Tour of the plant and silk coaster handwoven experience


Tango Chirimen History Museum is located in well-established silk fabrics company ruins in The Town of Yosano.
Saw-shaped triangle roof peculiar to textile mill is impressive building.
Process visit and document display of Tango Chirimen, handwoven experience are possible in hall.
We explain professional reciter to group bus.

Experience-based rate

・Tour of the plant for free
・Silk coaster handwoven experience-based 900 yen (tax-included) ...

It is included in experience-based rate
Experience charges, material cost, consumption tax

The time required of experience

Approximately 40 minutes ...

The number of people

5-40 people


Silk coaster handwoven experience is reservation required until one week ago


TEL: 0772-43-04
FAX: 0772-43-2244
E-mail address: info@mayuko.co.jp
Homepage: https://www.mayuko.co.jp/rekisi/


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